The best quality

Passion and professionalism aimes at achieving certain zootechnical and breeding goals has led "Il Pastore Transumante" kennel to offering all those who plan to purchase a maremma sheepdog puppy elevated quality standards that are beyond comparison both nationally and internationally.


Genetic diseases control
(a must for every breeder)

Our kennel, with the continuous support of Dr.Piero Biollo, canine skeleton pathologies expert and Ce.Le.Ma.Sche (Centro Lettura Malattie Scheletriche del Cane) and FSA (Fondazione Salute Animale) fiduciary, takes great care in monitoring and detecting possible ereditary diseases, especially in dogs destined for reproduction. The x-raying for hip- and elbow dysplasia in animals aimed for reproduction shall be a common practice, but unfortunately, the reality does look different. Our kennel, though, has always been aiming at offering the best to its customers, especially as far as health of the dogs is concerned.

Dog Taxi
Home delivery of puppies

We offer our European customers a free home delivery of puppies and adult dogs. Dogs will travel in spacious kennels, fully respecting animal wellbeing standards. For overseas customers a delivery to Milan Malpensa International Airport can be arranged. Both services are free of costs apart from the gasoil and motorway expenses.


Puppies and adult dogs export

Our activity has led us to acquiring the necessary know-how regarding the importing procedures of domestic animals. We offer support and information to all those who would like to import a Maremma Sheepdog from Italy.

Frozen semen export

We cooperate with the most advanced clinic for sampling and delivering refrigerated and frozen sperm.

Mating station

We offer mating services of our selected males.

  • Drive by - the customer brings here his ovulating female that will be mated witha preselected male.
  • Mobile - we bring the selected male over to your female for mating. Service is limited to Italy and close-by European countries.
  • On Farm - we offer the possibility to keep the female here for a short period, in order to monitor the ovulation and mating process.

Post-sales assistance

The "Il Pastore Transumante" kennel can offer free phone consultancy for the whole life of your pet, providing all the necessary information in order to guarantee a correct and equilibrated growth and development of your puppy. We moreover provide technical assistance on all topics concerning the education of the puppy and its adoption to the new family and/or working environment. We are there for you whenever you need an advice concerning his correct growth, health, nutrition and socialization.