From pastures to show lights
From livestock guarding to the show lights

Here at the Pastore Transumante we select and breed the most beautiful working Maremmas. Following the strict standard guidelines, our dogs are selected to be perfect breed representatives, presenting in each single case excellent temperament, perfect state of health and optimal physical characteristics.

We breed following the principle of the morpho-functional beauty, meaning that our Maremmas are great working dogs, but at the same time capable of producing excellent show results all over the world, from Russia to Argentina, from Finnland to Australia.

Why dog shows?

Dog show, whether national or international, have a crucial assembly role for breeders, veterinaries and experts.

Another fundamental tool offered by such manifestations is the chance to have the dog checked for his state of health and breed typicality within the official canine population. The purpose is hence to preserve the health and tipicality of the breed.

Indications and preferences expressed in the judgements of the single breed subjects, prefering or discarding certain characteristics, or in any case, the interpretation of the race standard has a crucial impact on the morphological development of the breed. Within the Shows, centered mainly on the beauty of the dogs, the judges try to value the best subjects of the breed that in most cases will be used to keep up the type and for breed improvement. The expositions, unnecessary to tell, have a huge “show” component. It’s here where breeders, real and potential owners meet, and where new products, from kibble to leashes, get promoted.

How do dog shows take place?
What exactly are dog shows and how are they conducted?

There are several levels of competition. The shows may be:

  • Regional - Only dogs that are registered in a FCI genealogic register and don’t have yet a title of “Beauty Champion” may participate. No titles may be earned in these shows.
  • National - the titles acquired in these shows are valid for the ENCI Italian Championship.
  • International - the titles acquired in these shows are valid for the FCI International Championship.
  • Special - these manifestations are organized for only one breed (or only one group of breeds), either within a competition or isolated, and a CAC title may be earned.
  • Breed gathering (Raduno) - are organized by a breed association or club (prior authorization by ENCI is required). A CAC title may be earned.