The passion and professionalism aimed at achieving precise zootechnical/cynophilic goals has led the kennel of "Il Pastore Transumante" to offer to all those who wish to adopt a puppy of Abruzzese Maremma Shepherd, very high qualitative standards hardly found within the national and international breeding scene.

We guarantee you access to the best Abruzzese Maremma Shepherd Dog genetics in the world, bloodlines of extreme character balance. We provide important guarantees on the health of sold subjects. All subjects are kept under strict veterinary control and tend to be free of genetic pathological alterations. The "Il Pastore Transumante" kennel together with the constant collaboration of its staff of veterinarians, zootechnicians, and nutritionists is committed to offering the highest level of health safety within its facilities by constantly applying precise bio-safety standards.

Also thanks to the health checks carried out by the local veterinary ASL and the positive feedback received from the health district, we can say with deep pride and satisfaction that we breed excellent Shepherd Maremmano Abruzzese puppies in genetics, with a commendable psycho-somatic ethological and character balance, healthy, protected and guaranteed in terms of health. The breeding of "Il Pastore Transumante" is able to guarantee FREE professional assistance until the puppy's maturity, providing all the necessary indications to promote a correct and balanced psychosomatic growth of the puppy. We are able to offer technical assistance on the various and wide-ranging issues concerning the puppy's upbringing and proper integration into the new family or business environment.

To guarantee their well-being
respecting their health and biological rhythms

The animal well-being is another one of our fundamentals and an important mile stone of our breeding philosophy. All of our Maremma bitches destined for reproduction are genetically and physically healthy and give birth in complete autonomy, led by their innate maternal instinct, giving life to healthy and copious litters.

Maremma sheepdog puppies are fast to intake the precious colostrum that will protect them during the initial delicate phase of their lives. The nutrition of a pregnant or nursing female is adapted in quality and quantity to its special needs and the onset of the lactation is fast and plenty. We are proud to be the Maremma kennel with the highest fertility rate.

This particular trait is fruit of an attentive management of our animals, especially the females. They live year round outside in ample spaces guarding the alpacas, but still close to our family, feeding on excellent feed of constant quality, perfectly integrated within matriarchal packs that allows them to fully express the behavioural patterns of their species.

We also think that respecting the breaks between heat seasons is of crucial importance for the health and well-being of the animals. We never let our females breed before they have completely recovered from the previous pregnancy, in most cases more than a year passes between the litters.

We love and respect our four-legged friends and companions and do everything for them from the very beginning of their lives.