Unfortunately most of the times the professionalism and reliability of a breeder becomes evident only after the actual selling of the dog, when you come home with your new four-legged friend and face some kind of problem. Especially at this point the breeder shall be able to dedicate you attention and assist you in moments of doubt.

The breeder is of crucial importance in the after-sales period, especially if the sold animal is a male or is going to work with livestock or protect the property. It has happened to myself to discover than breeders who were more than happy selling you a puppy disappeared completely after just a few days. When purchasing a Maremma sheepdog, the post-sales assistance can become essential in order to obtain the desired results.

This implies respecting its necessities to allow the dog develop physical and mentally to an extremely equilibrated and independent fascinating animal.

Free Telephone Consultancy
"Il Pastore Transumante" offers you free telephone advice throughout the life of your friend

  • Nutrition and feeding modalities
  • Introduction of the dog to the new house
  • Integration into existing family environment
  • Purchase of necessary equipment for dog management (grooming, walking ecc)
  • Optimization of the relationship with children or elderly people
  • Optimization of the bond with livestock
  • Management of any arising behavioural issues
  • Suggestions as to health management of the dog
  • Anti-parasite treatment
  • Preparation for dog showing events
  • Future partner choice for your friend