There are many reasons that during the past years have led our customers to choose a D.O.C. Maremma puppy from the "Il Pastore Transumante" kennel. Here are just some of them:

  • The history of our kennel and the respect we’ve always shown towards nature and the necessities of our big white guardians.
  • The professionalism that guarantees great buying experience.
  • The expertise that we offer to our customers’ benefit, and our solid reputation.
  • Distinctions in dog breeding from Enci, FCI, CPMA - and extra dog breeding from ISMEA, CIA, SIA.
  • Breeding ethics and timeless values.

These are but a few of the reasons that have helped us making happy numerous families and with them many of our white puppies.

Passion, dedication and expertise are the essences that distinguish our daily work at the Il Pastore Transumante kennel, where our aim is to protect and enforce the true nature and guarding spirit of the one and only white Italian Maremma Sheepdog.

In the chapter below, you will find an overview of what we think determines our success and fills our hearts with joy and pride.

What makes our kennel one of a kind
the "Il Pastore transumante" kennel

I would like to address here all those who are toying with the idea of purchasing one of our Maremmas, but are nurturing some doubts and would appreciate further information about our kennel.

If you are reading these lines, most probably you have already taken a look at the rest of our web presence, and hopefully recognized that the universe of the Pastore Transumante, is at the same time familiar and highly professional. It’s the right place not only to get all the necessary information that we place at the disposal of our customers thanks to years and years of successful breeding, but also to choose your future Maremma sheepdog puppy.

Rely on us for the choice of your Maremma, and we will be glad helping you choosing your friend for lifetime. Our kennel is a family-led business with lots of outside space, not a dungeon with rows of cages. The Il Pastore Transumante kennel is approved by ENCI (Ente nazionale Cinofilia Italiana), FCI(Federazione Cinofila Internazionale), CPMA (Circolo del Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese). Years of passion and dedication together with the testimonies of those who is grateful for having had the chance to satisfy his necessities or even to fulfill a dream of a lifetime just speak for themselves.

When you come to visit us, you will be pleasantly surprised at how our dogs live together harmoniously in big family packs that include animals of different ages and of both sexes, in waste paddocks dedicated to them and to the livestock they are meant to guard. Each dog has its name and its own story, and is part of a special and personal relation with us, made of mutual respectunderstanding and cuddles.

Our breeding philosophy commands us not to keep the dogs closed in cages except for the short period when the females are on heat and it’s necessary to prevent mating.

In my youth, I’ve worked as a volunteer in the public dog shelter in Milan. Even though structures like that are usually managed by people who have a huge compassion for the animals, what I have seen there is in no way what a dog would wish for himself. Taught by this experience, we do our best to manage our kennel in a way where every dog is a happy dog.

Reliability... You can always trust us!
Our work bases on mutual trust, sincerity and friendship, passion is what moves our world. These are the principles that distinguish us, together with the guarantees we offer to our customers. Being an officially approved agricultural enterprise, the Il Pastore Transumante kennel is one of the few that offer a detailed and legally regarded as valid contract of sale, aimed at protecting the dog and the customer. You can download a facsimile of the contract from our website for free.

Availability... we are always there for you!
We are always ready to help you solving those small or big problems that can emerge in the course of the years of the dog’s lifetime. We offer our customers a free, professional and competent post-sales assistance.

The immeasurable value of purchasing a healthy and reliable dog
Our kennel is always in the front row when it’s about fighting the genetic hereditary diseases. Together with other technicians, we do our best using the preventive/selective methods in the struggle against hereditary pathologies in order to offer our customers healthy puppies that do not present the common canine hereditary handicaps. All of our specimen are constantly controlled and checked for hip and elbow dysplasia using preventive and official x-raying methods (Ce.Le.Ma.Sche). Only those dogs who pass these exams with satisfactory results are admitted for reproduction.

Being ethical – respecting the animal well being and the biosecurity
I think that in the modern dog breeding that is embedded in a context where animal protection is a legal matter the wellbeing of the animals as well as the respect for the canine physiology may and should become a common and widespread practice, just as we use to do in our kennel. Il Pastore Transumante is supporting a correct, sustainable, conscious and respectful breeding.