A Maremma puppy is surely one of the most beautyful things in the world; this white clumsy ball of fur that runs around you wagging its tail and trying to untie your shoes seems to be there only to be cuddled forever and ever. This fluffy toy with the three black spots for eyes and nose seems to be born just so that we can fall in love with him and take him home.

Lots of people have become owners of a Maremma just riding the wave of similar emotions, but if you are not aware that this adorable puppy you are holding in your arms will become a grown up dog 110 and more pounds in just a few months, you’re going to face a lot of problems.

A puppy is not a something to take lighthearted just following a whim: he will become a friend for life and all the decisions regarding such a step are to be taken with the right determination. A puppy from the Il Pastore Transumante kennel, offering dogs with years of character selection, is the best guarantee to be sure you won’t regret your decision.

The austere environment of the Apennine Mountains has infused the blood and spirit of the Maremma with a touch of mystery, an untamed decision autonomy, something that will prevent him from seeing you as an unquestionable Lord and Master.

You have to deserve the status of a true friend and companion, not through exaggerated cuddles or useless violence, but through as much affection and respect as he offers up to you. On these conditions, the life together with your four-legged friend will be full of satisfaction and gratitude for both of you, and will benefit from his keen intelligence, his deep affection, his innate guarding instinct towards everything that need to be protected.

We always remind our customers that continuous and sometimes invasive “come-and-play-with-me” attitude common to some other breeds just does not make part of the Maremma character, even in tender puppy age, and in the same way, he shall not become the target of possible maternal instinct and humanization. Mutual trustrespect and affection are the corner stones of a deep and life-long friendship with your Maremma; it’s following these maxims that he will become part of your family and of your life.

Information on our puppies

We sell our puppies not before they are at least 60 days old, provided with:

  • Pedigree ENCI (Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana) and FCI (Federatiòn International Cynologique). This genealogic certificate states most important show results of the dog himself, as well as the x-ray results of the parents concerning the hip and elbow dysplasia.
  • Microchip with identification number of the puppy.
  • All documents necessary for export.
  • Vaccination booklet certifying a completed anti-parasite treatment, two HEPTAVALENT vaccines and anti-rabies shot for puppies older than 3 months

We provide constant assistance to ensure correct integration of the puppy within the new familiar or working context.