One of the most frequently asked questions is: How will my pup come to his new home?

When you have decided to take a dog into your family, a delicate process begins that is based mainly upon mutual trust. We are always happy when the future owners of our Maremma sheepdogs come to visit our kennel, to get to know the dogs and us and to see growing up their new friend.

Most of the new owners picks up their Maremma sheepdog puppies when they are 60 days old. However, it can happen that a visit is not possible due to distance, schedule or whatever other reason. In these cases, we will support you via mail or phone, send you pictures and information and help you make the final decision, always paying attention to fulfil the requirements of the new owner. Special attention is paid when for example there are small children in the family, or the newcomer will live together with other pets.

When the choice is made, all the export documents are ready and the Maremma sheepdog pup is ready for departure, that’s when the Dog-Taxi enters the scene. We jump in the car and go on the road. Germany – no problem. Belgium – easy as pie. France – sure! In this way, we can be sure that the puppy will have a good travel and will arrive to a loving and caring family.

For very long travels or when travelling overseas, we’ll bring your puppy to the airport from where he will start his journey, travelling snugly in his crate. For overseas flights, a stop is usually done in Europe, when the puppy is loaded off the plane to spend the night at the animal hotel, where he can drink, eat and stretch his legs. We work together with a freight company of our trust, so that we can be sure the animals on the way to their new homes are treated just as we would do it.

Let’s be honest – we are very proud of our Maremmas, and it means a lot to us to make this wonderful breed known and loved also outside of Italy!