The Il Pastore Transumante selection centre is unique in many ways, being not only a Maremma Sheepdog breeding kennel, but above all a point of reference for all of those, who contact us from Italy and abroad, in order to be accompanied into the fascinating world of the Maremma. Contrary to popular belief, the best family dog is a true Maremma sheepdog, the one that has not yet forgotten his true origins and if possible is still working with livestock.

Choose a transhumant shepherd

Why choose a Maremma sheepdog from Il Pastore Transumante kennel? Because of his excellent physical and psychical treats, because born and grown in a healthy and stimulating environment, because he has an innate and well developed sense of hierarchy and territory and because he is the best Italian working dog that does the same work in the same excellent way that his ancestors have been doing for hundreds of years before him.

The Maremma sheepdog is one of the most ancient and representative Italian breeds that thanks to the natural selection of the rural and shepherding environment has still kept its original even temper and functionality. Being first and above all an excellent livestock guardian, he has been part of the Italian rural life for centuries, and his shape and character have been formed following his function.

Even though his first and foremost task has always been that of guarding the livestock in Central and South Italy, the modern dog breeding movement has led to an impoverished of its original character traits for a benefit of more refined but less functional look. That notwithstanding we shall keep in mind that beauty, in its immediate and less technical sense, has always been a distinguishing treat of this magnificent white shepherding breed.

Even though the search for the both, character and morphology may not seem self-evident to most, I think that the reality offers a much more complex picture. Even though it´s true that morphological traits do not preclude the development of certain character traits, it´s also true that for being represented within new generations the desired traits need to be preserved through the closest ancestors possible.

That´s the reason why the Maremma sheepdogs are so unique, and it´s only observing a Maremma doing its job just like its ancestors have ever done that we can truly appreciate this special breed, and we are more than happy to let you have a part of it while visiting our kennel.